Information for New Customers

Robelle is the source of Qedit and Suprtool software for HP servers (both HP-UX and MPE/iX).

If you are a long-time Robelle user, you may of course still read this page; but you might also want to check out the Top Ten Support Questions!

  1. What about Suprtool or Qedit that comes with an applications package?

    Robelle software from VARs is the same as regular Robelle software, although you might receive a slightly older version and have to wait a bit longer than direct customers to receive the new version.

    If you are an DST/Amisys customer you have direct support with Robelle. Otherwise, you get your support from your VAR vendor (Fiserv, ReadPraire/Ecometry, etc.).

    How to get technical support direct from Robelle?

    Indirect customers may purchase direct Robelle technical support at a very reasonable cost, considering the depth of product and server knowledge that this provides.

    Contact Tammy at Robelle,

  2. How to install Qedit or Suprtool?

    VAR customers: if you received Suprtool or Qedit with your application package, such as Ecometry, the VAR will have provided the appropriate installation instructions.

    Downloads: After you have downloaded your software, follow the appropriate "Download Install" instructions. Remember, you will need authorization codes to activate the software; these are usually sent by email.

  3. What Robelle versions to use for my version of HP-UX or MPE?

    For each release of the HP operating system, we have a version of our software that is tested and recommended:

    Go to the "Version Charts" on our support page.

  4. What is the newest version of Qedit or Suprtool, and what value do they provide?

    We constantly improve the Robelle products and services to make them more useful to our customers. For each product (Qedit, Suprtool, Qedit for Windows), our web site contains information about the current production release, as well as the current pre-release that users are testing, and the internal alpha version that we are working on.

    Go to the "What's New?" page.

    How to get a new version of Suprtool or Qedit?

    When you renew your annual support, you will receive instructions and authorization codes to download the latest production releases of our products.

    During the year, if you have a problem, technical support may suggest that you download the latest pre-release to solve the problem. Go to the "Pre-release Download Request" form.

  5. How To Get The Current Manuals
  6. Go to the "Robelle Manuals" page to download.

  7. How to get Suprtool training?

    We have complete training packages that teach Suprtool for HP-UX and Suprtool for MPE/iX. You can downlaod these materials and give an in-house course yourself, or you can hire an independent training instructor to give the course.

    Go to the "Robelle Training" Page to download the course materials or to select a training instructor.

  8. How to contact the staff at Robelle?

    We are organized into functional areas: technical support, admin/sales, marketing, and research. Email is the easiest way to reach people at Robelle, but we also have phones.

    Go to the "Robelle Send-Email" form.

    Office Phone : 888.762.3553
    Fax : 604.582.1799
    Tech support phone : 800.453.8970
    Our business hours




  9. We are doing disaster recovery testing. Can you send me codes?

    You can run the EXTEND.PUB.ROBELLE program with the DISASTER entry point to convert your Robelle software into 10-day expiring demonstration versions which will run on any CPU. This mechanism can only be used once, so if you need more time for testing, you'll need to contact us to make special arrangements. For extended testing, we have a product rental option.

  10. How to do XXXXX with [Suprtool, Qedit]?

    For technical questions about our products, the first place to turn is the "Robelle Top Ten Questions" page.

    Try the user manuals - each has an extensive index.

    Read the Frequently Asked Questions for each product:

    Finally, if you cannot find the answer anywhere and you are a customer with direct Robelle support, submit a problem report using the form below.If you are an indirect customers (i.e., through Fiserv, Ecometry, etc.), please contact your primary application vendor).

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