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Robelle and the Ecometry retail package have been working together since 1989, when the Ecometry product was known as MACS and the Ecometry Corporation was known as Smith-Gardner. And then Ecometry moved on to Escalate.

Now the Ecometry on-line shopping application is owned by JDA.

News for Ecometry Users

Suprtool/Open: our latest product offering, can go wherever you want to go: With other products, migration may involve recoding and retesting with only" a subset of functionality. But our new Suprtool/Open is a complete migration of Suprtool.

Regardless of which computing platform you embrace with your retail operations, at least one can be reassuring, dependable, and familiar: Suprtool.

Suprtool now can run on almost any platform.

Suprtool works with Oracle and Eloquence (the portable replacement for the IMAGE database). Read about "Migrating Suprtool to HP-UX".

You can convert your custom Suprtool jobs and at least this one part of your conversion will be straightforward. If you need help with other aspects of migration, check our Migration Web Center,

As an Ecometry customer for MPE, you are already a Robelle customer, even if you don't realize it, since the Ecometry application uses Robelle's Suprtool to speed up data access. Suprtool is installed on your system along with Ecometry and is used extensively by the application. However, you can also use it yourself to help produce custom reports and debug problems with your data. The big advantage is the speed with which Suprtool can churn through your large datasets to find what you need.

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Who Should I Ask For At Robelle?

Tammy Roscoe, our Ecometry rep, is always a good first choice at

Here is a photo of Tammy at HP World with Nancy Perau, William Erwin and Susan Wisniewski from Childcraft.

Help With Suprtool

Do you need some help with Suprtool? Consider these options:

Direct Robelle Support

To benefit fully from Suprtool, you may want to deal directly with Robelle technical support. We welcome such inquiries and would be glad to answer all your questions. We have experience with many Ecometry sites who have exploited Suprtool's power to get more out of their Ecometry system.

For more information, contact Tammy at

Over Thirty Years as a Leader.

Whether Robelle is solving your critical data problems or easing your editing tasks, we are 100% customer driven. Our objective is to dramatically improve and streamline our client's data operations while fitting in with their existing processes, tools, and work flow. We back up our technology and customer service commitments with comprehensive technical support, every hour of every day.


Here is what Ecometry users have to say about Suprtool:


"We were recently asked by our Controller 'What is the best piece of software you use?'. Undeniably, it was Robelle's Suprtool and Qedit!"

Anthony Ballo
Sr. Business Systems Analyst
Musician's Friend

"Recently I took a Quiz reporting task that was done completely in Quiz and rewrote it to incorporate Suprtool as a front-end. The job was previously taking 2-3 hours and now, with Suprtool, it runs in six minutes!"

James M. Dunn
Manager of Software Support
Hammacher Schlemmer

"At many shops, I have used Suprtool to do very fast extracts. The Suprtool extracts are about as fast as possible, and often much faster (3 to 10 times!) than other solutions.

"I have also used Suprtool to produce extract files for downloading to Excel, Access, Crystal Reports, etc. Users then find the latest data in a shared LAN directory when they come in each day, or run on-demand queries as required. Then they can sort, select, total or whatever on their own PC. Often a single extract will fill several different user requirements as they can just ignore data they don't need."

Chris Goodey
System Manager