Robelle Technical Articles


Some Great Tips
Latest Suprtool Beta
Oracle Migration with OpenTurbo
Migrating Empty Date Values
$Edit for COBOL-Type Formatting
Accept Free-form Numerics
Splitting Byte Fields
Importing Excel Data
Suprtool Coding Tips
Suprtool and Eloquence
Intro to Eloquence
Many to many links
Suprlink to the Rescue
Work with Quiz
Non-Standard Dates
Where is the bad data?
Synchronize MPE and HP-UX
STExport for Moving Data
Export to Oracle
Export to Excel
Export to XML
Export to mySQL
Export Multi-Line Records
Jumping on Problems
Better Than Query
Speed Stories
Replace Quiz Links
Sub-totals and Sorting
Enabling Users
Update From a Table
Delete Inadverant Dups
Understanding Defines
PowerHouse Data Types
Changing Data Types
Edit Self-Describing Files
Add Recnum to SD Files
Select Top Ten Values
Day of the Week
String Functions
Checking Business Rules
Generate Random Passwords


Remote DBA
Generate Defines


"e" in Healthcare

Host-Based Qedit

Some Great Qedit Tips
Latest Release of Qedit
Latest Qedit Beta
Qedit Deals with Trailing Blanks
All about line numbers!
Merging Lines Horizontally
Edit many files at once
Excluding Lines from Visual Display
Colcopy and Colmove Commands
List Lines in a Fileset
Variable Substitution in Qedit
Find either of two strings
Combine MPEX and Qedit
Variable Count Items
How to Undo Mistakes
How to Fill Columns
Check Comma-Delimited File
Regular Expressions
Repeating Commands
Word Processing Tips
Trailing Spaces to Leading Zeroes
Copy Same Block Many Times

Qedit for Windows

Syntax Coloring
Customize Syntax Coloring
Default Color Schemes
Debug Page - Getting Trace Information
Debug Page - Connection Problems
What's New
How to Fill Columns With Text
Qedit Boxes of Text
Favorites Organize Projects
Test Window For Suprtool
Advanced Selection Tips
Run QWIN from Host
MatchCharacter Script
Newswire Review
Email a :Showjob
More QWIN Tips


Cut 4 Hour Report to 16 Minutes
MANMAN Performance
MANMAN Month-End


Suprtool in Education

Systems Management

Performance Tuning Suprtool
Independent MPE Support
Become a Dumptape Expert
MPE/iX Network Security
Unix Quickstart for MPE Users
Unix Disk Space
MPE: Foptions and Aoptions
MPE Job Queues
A & N-Class Servers
Ramusage: More Memory?
Euro Symbol on the 3000
Checking Email Addresses
FTP on the 3000
Remote DBA
Watch NM Log Files
Check Web Addresses
Find Junk in Fields
Hide from Spammers
Dataset Too Empty

Enhance Your Skills

MPE Tips
PC/ Windows Tips
Internet Tips
Unix Tips
Broaden Your View

Robelle White Papers

Transform IMAGE Data
Living With 400 IOs/Sec
Sharing HP 3000 Data
Building Better Software
Ensuring Data Integrity
Speeding Up QUIZ
IMAGE Programming
IMAGE Performance
HP-UX for MPE Users