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Robelle is a software tool vendor, primarily focused on the HP 3000 (MPE) and HP 9000 (HP-UX) servers, which has have been working closely with educational sites since 1978.

IRIS Education Package

Information for IRIS Users:

If you are an IRIS user, you are already a Robelle customer, even if you don't realize it, since the application uses our Suprtool to speed up data access. Suprtool is installed on your system along with IRIS and is used extensively by the application. However, you can also use it yourself to help produce custom reports and debug problems with your data. The big advantage is the speed with which Suprtool can churn through your large datasets to find what you need.

Many IRIS users also appreciate the convenience of Robelle's Qedit For Windows: edit your host scripts and files through the friendly Windows interface.

Robelle For Support?

For Suprtool, you can report to Sungard Bi-tech any problems in the IRIS application that involve Suprtool.

If you want to use Suprtool on your own, you need full Robelle support. If you have any questions about your support, use this form:

Your Name:

If you do not receive a reply within one business day, perhaps you spelled your email address wrong. Try calling Robelle at 1-888-ROBELLE.

Need Help With Suprtool?

Do you need some help with Suprtool? Consider these options:

Why the e3000 is Good For Education

Debbie Goode, Director of Information Technology Services, at Cameron University in Lawton, Okla., is quoted extensively on the value of their new N-class e3000 server, especially as it applies to education:

"Cameron bought its first 3000 in 1975. I came aboard here in 1976 and we are still using programs we wrote in the mid-1970s. And with all the upgrades we've had to do, there's was only one time we had to recompile every program," Goode said. "It's always just been a matter of doing a full backup, installing the new system and reloading. We've always been able to get up and going in a weekend. We've always been extremely pleased with its upward compatibility."

"It's given us a lot of value and where we are a state-funded college, we don't have a lot of money. (The e3000s) just don't break." .

From an article on

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Who Should I Ask For At Robelle?

Tammy Roscoe, our rep for the education segment, is always a good first choice.

Contact Tammy via email at or by telephone at 1-888-762-3553.

Here is a photo of Tammy at HP World; she is the one on the far left.

Suprtool in a School District

By Eric Guisinger of Lucia Mar Unified School District writes:

I'm a major advocate of Suprtool - the product has saved me literally hundreds of hours of work. I highly recommend Suprtool for virtually any HP 3000-based school, school district, and/or county office of education, and/or state department of education. Lucia Mar Unified School District has 15 schools (with 3 more on the drawing board). Our student population is about 11,000. We have 1 High School, 1 Continuation High School, 3 Junior High Schools, and 10 Elementary Schools.

We use the QSS application on the HP 3000 and we are migrating to a Microsoft-based Client/Server product - Aeries from Eagle Software. In our new environment, the HP 3000 still plays a major role. We will continue using the 3000 as a student data warehouse (still in the QSS data base structure, but with limited use of the application). We will also be using the 3000 for our financials, also from QSS, which includes G/L, A/P, A/R, Budget Prep, Payroll, Personnel, Applicant Tracking, Benefit Administration, Stores, Fixed Assets and many etc's.

Recently, one of the district departments needed a listing of students that are enrolled in the Gifted And Talented (GATE) program and also enrolled in one or more English Language Learner programs. I cannot think of a way to do this report in Query. I'm sure there is a way, but doing an exhaustive read multiple times on a data set with 285,000 entries in Query is definitely not fast. It did require multiple passes in Suprtool to create lookup tables, but even reading the enrollment data set 4 times, and reading the student data set one time, only took about 40 seconds, and the user had their report in less than 15 minutes. This is just one type of task that Suprtool excels at. There are many others.

I'm to the point now that I usually think of Suprtool as a primary solution to many of our routine and ad-hoc requirements.

Read the entire story on Lucia Mar.

Download the Suprtool Brochure (PDF).

Request a Demo of Suprtool.

Your Name:

If you do not receive a reply within one business day, perhaps you spelled your email address wrong. Try calling Robelle at 1-888-ROBELLE.

Qedit for Windows


Many education users find that Qedit for Windows improves their productivity impressively when editing source code, scripts, and data files on their servers. Just look at some of the IRIS user testimonials:

From: Tony Lovgren, Idaho State University

Qedit for Windows at home is blazingly fast at 28.8! But, the biggest advantage for Qedit for Windows is that it allows our student interns to perform immediate programming work.

More user comments are listed below.

Qedit for Windows is the easiest, fastest solution for windows-enabling your HP e3000. It brings unprecedented ease-of-use to HP e3000 editing and script development. Unlike competitive alternatives, Robelle's Windows-enabling software has been carefully developed in keeping with our corporate philosophy of providing "solutions that don't get in your way". For ease of integration, we have designed this solution specifically to accommodate multi-platform flexibility, allowing IRIS users to work with ease in the HP environment.

Over Twenty Years as a Leader.

Whether Robelle is solving your critical data problems or easing your editing tasks, we are 100% customer driven. Our objective is to dramatically improve and streamline our client's data operations while fitting in with their existing processes, tools, and work flow. We back up our technology and customer service commitments with comprehensive technical support, every hour of every day.

Request a Demo of Qedit for Windows:

Your Name:

If you do not receive a reply within one business day, perhaps you spelled your email address wrong. Try calling Robelle at 1-888-ROBELLE.


Here is what education sites have to say about Suprtool and Qedit:


"I could not live without Suprtool. I absolutely love it. I use Suprtool mainly for database extractions since it is very quick. Some of our programs have embedded Suprtool calls for automated data extraction. I also use Suprtool to locate data on the fly - for example, when users request data that they cannot get using their regular reports/screens. In these instances, rather than using COBOL, I have created little Suprtool scripts which will search out data in any field in the database tables and produce a report or an output file. This makes the user very happy and also makes me a hero for just a moment! I also use Suprtool for debugging which comes in very handy. Other programmers here use Suprtool to produce reports along with various other Suprtool techniques. It is such a flexible tool, we all use it in different ways."

Michael J Adrian
Systems Programming and Operations Supervisor
Mt. Diablo Unified School District

"We use Suprtool to migrate data from the HP3000 IMAGE databases to ASCII text files which are then imported into Oracle, Excel, or Access databases on the UNIX and NT server platforms. Using Suprtool to do the data extraction for this conversion is fast and flexible without taking a lot of the HP3000 resources. The performance is great! Suprtool is truly a wonderful and efficient tool that saves a lot of time in all ways. Also, Robelle Tech Support is very helpful."

Stella Leong, Programmer/Analyst
California Teachers Association

"I've been an IBM programmer for the past seven years and now find myself in the HP 3000 world. I am totally impressed with the tools you've created. My favorite so far is Suprtool. It is comparable to many of the IBM data manipulation tools I've used as far as power and ease of use goes. My sincerest compliments."

Michael Vealey
University of Maryland

Qedit For Windows

Qedit for Windows: Testimonial

"We've been using Qedit for Windows to edit MPE COBOL source code on our HP-3000, as well as accessing UNIX files on our HP-9000. It's been a huge time-saver on the 9000, because we no longer have to telnet into the box and vi the file - we just edit it right here on our PC's. We have an employee directory on our web site, which is driven from a flat CSV file. There are constant updates to the directory, and the time savings will pay for Qedit in the very short term."

Dave Phillips
Programmer/Web Developer
Gavilan College

"Qedit for Windows is enabling us to put our Academic and Applied Technology intern students, who know the ins and outs of Microsoft Windows operating system, to work (programming) immediately since they don't need to learn an on-line editor first. Qedit for Windows works great when modifying similar files between systems. I can pull them up side by side and make the change in one window - cut and paste to the second window and make any necessary adjustments. What's more, Qedit for Windows at home it is blazingly fast at 28.8! But without a doubt, the biggest advantage for Qedit for Windows, is the ability to allow our student interns to perform immediate programming work and allow those full-time staff who enjoy the editing functionality of a Windows client the ability to do so!"

Tony Lovgren
Idaho State University

"Qedit has become a staple at our institution because of the productivity boost we realize. The interface with our Unix system is transparent, and we toggle quickly between program code and testing. I use Qedit for quick file maintenance with the replace, insert and delete functions. I especially like the quick sort feature - I get into the directory I want, hit the 'Last Modified' button, and the files I need jump right to the top of the list."

Susan Guarino
Dean, Information Services
Mount San Jacinto Community College

"I use Qedit for Windows for everything - looking at output files, spoolfiles, COBOL source files and just about any text document on our system. What I like the most is the ease of adding a line of custom code to an existing program and the automatic source code insertion. In our IT department, we use COBOL tags to identify custom code and to track the version number. I used to add the source tags manually by moving the cursor to the last column of each new line and typing the tag. This was very tedious when dealing with 30 or 40 new lines of custom code. Now I just use Qedit for Windows' automatic source code insertion which is much more efficient."

Tom Kerbein
The University of Tampa

"We are just starting to get into the Unix world after being on MPE/iX for so long. Qedit for Windows is so much easier than using vi as the text editor on Unix. I like Qedit very much and I would not be without it on the Unix box."

Michael Adrian
Systems Programming & Operations Supervisor
Mount Diablo Unified School District

List of Qedit for Windows Users

The following education customers are maximizing their productivity with Robelle's Qedit and/or Qedit for Windows:

John Abbott College
Boise School District
Gavilan College
Santa Rosa City Schools
Alexandria City Public Schools
Ames Laboratory/Iowa State University
University of Maryland Baltimore County
University of Chicago
University of Tampa
Baltimore City Community College
Michigan State University
Oregon Health Sciences Foundation/Oregon Health Sciences University
Mount San Jacinto College
Chaffey Community College
Clinch Valley College
Central Texas College
Wharton County Junior College
Euclid Board of Education
Placer County Office of Education

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Catawba College
University of Tampa
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Datatel Sites:

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