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Tammy Roscoe our Healthcare rep, is always a good first choice.

Suprtool Provides Fast Access to Mission-Critical Data

Robelle is focused on meeting the needs of customers who have very specialized and unique data challenges - particularly in the health care sector. Robelle understands the large-scale information demands of healthcare customers and recognizes that even minutes of down time can have severe operational and financial consequences.

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Robelle has been serving the health industry since before Robelle was even started: our founder Bob Green was assisting Yale-New Haven Hospital with their first HP 3000 when he still worked at HP. Suprtool is a natural fit for health industry sites, due to the large amounts of data they must maintain and the speed with which Suprtool processes it. Our Suprtool product was available when AMISYS began and helped make it a successful application on the HP 3000. AMISYS is now a part of DST Health Solutions and Suprtool helps power it on the HP 9000.

Now we have SuprtoolOpen which allows our healthcare clients to take their Suprtool with them when they move to almost any platform.

New for Amisys

Amisys chose Suprtool/UX with Oracle as a part of their migration toolset away from MPE. In response, we have updated Suprtool to make it even more suitable for their migrated app.

The first major enhancement for Amisys was an Oracle mapping change which produces J4 integers instead of large packed data, so that the same Copylibs can be used HP-UX as MPE.

Among other enhancements for Amisys are:

  • Suprtool supporting environment variables.
  • Connecting to remote Oracle database.

Suprtool on HP-UX and Oracle

Suprtool was originally developed for the HP 3000 and TurboIMAGE, but over the years it has been enhanced to support HP-UX, Oracle, Allbase and Eloquence.

Do you need some help with Suprtool?

Information for AMISYS Users

AMISYS is an application for healthcare providers that runs on the HP 3000 and HP 9000. AMISYS customers are also Robelle customers, even if you don't realize it, since the AMISYS application uses Robelle's Suprtool to speed up data access.

On the HP 3000, you have Suprtool/iX and work with the TurboIMAGE database.

On HP-UX, AMISYS users have Suprtool/UX and work with the Oracle database.

You can also use Suprtool yourself to help produce custom reports and debug problems with your data. The advantages are two-fold: you don't need to do any programming and you get the fastest possible speed for working through your large datasets to find what you need.

Testimonial from the AMISYS Developers:

"We use Suprtool extensively in the AMISYS product. Suprtool is usually the first step in most of the 700+ AMISYS batch jobs. Suprtool meets the needs of our smallest customers as well as our largest, most technically demanding customers. Our developers also use Robelle's Qedit and Qedit for Windows products.

AMISYS has used Qedit and Suprtool for about 10 years now, and we feel that Robelle's software is always of highest quality, in terms of reliability, performance, etc. Robelle support has always been prompt, courteous, and helpful. Robelle support really excels in the area of enhancements. Any time we have an enhancement request, they have been very responsive.

The use of Suprtool in our jobs has made our programmers tasks easier to code, easier to support, and much faster for our customers to run. There is no question that Suprtool is the fastest way to extract and manipulate data on an HP e3000. Suprtool also allows our customers to review what their jobs are doing and modify or enhance the jobs for their own needs."

Mike Shaffer, AMISYS Product Development

Technical Support for AMISYS Users

All AMISYS customers who have Suprtool support directly or through DST are entitled to full technical support from Robelle. This includes call-in and email support during regular office hours from 7am to 4pm Pacific Standard Time. Either call 1.289.480.1060 or email to

Software Updates for AMISYS Users

All customers on current support will receive their software update from our web site, not from DST.