Qedit for HP-UX


The full-screen editor for HP-UX system managers and programmers:

  • Twenty-five Years of development and refining
  • Full Screen Editing with Cut-and-Paste
  • Powerful Command Mode Automates Editing Tasks
  • Same Familiar Qedit as on MPE
  • Interfaces to Popular Tools and Compilers
  • Excellent Customer Support

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Excluding Lines from Visual Display
Colcopy and Colmove Commands
How to Fill Columns
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Variable Count Items
How to Undo Mistakes
Check Comma-Delimited File
Regular Expressions
Repeating Commands
Word Processing Tips
Copy Same Block Many Times
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Many More Qedit Tips

Moving from HP 3000 to HP-UX?

"I absolutely LOVE QEDIT! It is helping to make the move off the HP 3000 at least bearable. I could never have lived with vi."
Rex Dickey, IT Director
Columbia Steel Casting Co., Inc.

"We installed and have Qedit running on our HP 9000. I think our motto has changed from 'VI is my friend' to 'Qedit is my friend!'. The installation was quick and easy as advertised. I'm fairly certain after only 1 day that we'll purchase this product. Thanks again for the demo."
John Cox
John J. McMullen Associates

Why buy Qedit?

"Vi is free; why not use it?" Let's face it, the world is changing rapidly. New operating system releases every few months, changes to networking and data communications, new terminals and terminal emulators - it never stops. If you have the time to become a vi expert, fine.

If not, you can have the familiar, dependable Qedit.

I look forward to going to work every day so that I can use Qedit. It makes me 4 to 5 times more productive.
Frank Kelly
Manager Information Resources
Reserve Officer Association

If you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing a dedicated team of programmers and support people stand behind the editor you use all day, then Qedit is for you.

At Robelle we never stop working on Qedit. Even as you read this, we are already working on next year's release by incorporating the many features and ideas that Qedit's thousands of demanding users have requested.

"Qedit is wonderful. I live in it all the time. At home, I have three of my terminal function keys defined as 'dial the office', 'hello', and 'run Qedit'."
Howard Robinson
Cardkey Systems

Qedit is easy to learn and comes with complete documentation: an easy-to-read user manual (in PDF and HtmlHelp format) plus full-text on-line Help within Qedit itself.

Our design goals of reliability, compatibility, performance, and functionality make Qedit the obvious choice.

"Qedit for HP-UX has been indispensable in our migration from the HP 3000 to HP 9000."
Mike Connor

Full-Screen with Cut-and-Paste

Use the full-screen mode of Qedit to develop and modify your source code. Editing is a breeze when you take advantage of Qedit's full-screen capabilities - look at your source code a page at a time; use the function keys and the command line to navigate through your file, and apply cut-and-paste functions to single lines or blocks of lines. The cut-and-paste functions allow you to move, copy, insert, and delete selections of text plus split and splice lines, format text, and more. You can even apply cut-and-paste operations across files.

Powerful Command Mode

Qedit's command mode allows you to edit files in batch jobs. Intelligent command files with parameter replacement and variable substitution even let you automate your editing tasks. Qedit's simple command syntax is easy to learn. If you are familiar with HP's Editor or Quad, you already know Qedit's basic editing commands. Qedit also has powerful extensions that appeal to novices and experts alike.

"I have been using Qedit extensively to automate repetitive programming tasks using Qedit's command file feature. In particular, Qedit command files have been defined which greatly reduced the amount of time it took the Hospital to do its Year 2000 compliance programming. Qedit has significantly improved batch performance and increased programmer productivity."
George De Wolf, Middlesex Hospital

COBOL Programmers Love Qedit!

Productivity features for COBOL programmers:

Qedit is Fast

From the beginning Qedit was designed to consume the least amount of system resources and to perform as quickly as possible. You can use either regular editor files which you Text and Keep, or Qedit's own file format which gives you instant file access by eliminating the time-consuming Text and Keep steps. Quickly flip between files; Qedit remembers your last position in the file. Qedit files also save disc space, typically using only half the disc space of regular files.

Smart Search & Replace

With Qedit's powerful search and replace capabilities, you can search for all occurrences of a string and either make global changes or apply your changes over a selection of lines. Qedit will even find occurrences of the string in a Copylib or Include file related to the file you are working on. When performing a string search with Qedit, you have lots of "smart search" options. For example, searches can be defined to exclude embedded words, ignore case, search only particular columns, look for matching patterns, etc. Now Qedit supports regular expressions which gives you even more control in defining your search patterns and rearranging text within your files.

More Qedit Favorites

"Not only do we use Qedit/UX to edit scripts and program files, but we also use it for all kinds of data migration tasks. For example, we download data from an AS/400 machine, then use Qedit/UX to reformat the data for the HP 9000. Qedit greatly simplifies these kind of tasks"
Mike Connor

Famous Robelle Support

Robelle is renowned for support you can count on. You get fast, responsive help by telephone, fax or e-mail from Robelle's experts. Additionally, you are entitled to an enhanced version of the software once a year and a subscription to Robelle's popular newsletter, "What's Up DOCumentation?".